24 Hour Dispatch Center

Dispatch serves as the center of mission control for us here at AFC Security. The team at dispatch can assist any customer, though they are also responsible for keeping the officers up to date and aligned with one another while they are on active assignment. 

AFC Patrol

Our patrol services are performed by Elite Armed and unarmed officers. We want to protect you, your property, and business with an eagle's eye and a high level of integrity. We patrol subdivisions, apartment complexes and personal businesses, observing and reporting any suspicious activity to the authorities.

Periodic Security Patrol

Periodic drive through patrols serve a limited, but useful purpose. The drive-through patrol officers do not remain on-site and generally use a vehicle to make the rounds. This type of patrol is less expensive then a dedicated on-site security guard because of the limited time spent on the property. Highly visible, drive-through security services are ideal for the patrol of commercial properties after business hours or on private property not open to the public. Our purpose of this type of patrol is to observe and test all accessible gates, doors, and windows to make sure they are secured. We then report the conditions found on the property to the business owner or the police. AFC drive-through patrols are conducted after business hours, seven days a week. By signing up for drive-through patrols you will be guaranteed three to seven nightly patrols of your business, property, or residence. In addition to the nightly patrols, our officers will provide you with detailed reports and assist in the towing of abandoned vehicles.

Stationed Post

If you are in need of a higher level of security, stationed post may be the choice for you. This option consists of an armed/unarmed officer who is stationed at your site for your requested hours. The officer(s) will perform patrol rounds on a consistent basis. The mere presence of our armed/unarmed uniformed officer(s) serves as an efficient and effective deterrent to criminal, disruptive and unwanted activity. The officer will check for unusual behavior, as well as check all exterior doors to make sure everything is safe and secure. They will also perform any other services requested per the contract.  

The Client

Our security patrols are conducted according to the clients needs. Let us know what you want and we'll perform the service. Offering professional patrol service is our top priority. We want you to sleep well, feel safe and well protected knowing our team of Elite officers are guarding your property.